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Paul Woseen is a unique singer, songwriter and bass guitarist from Australia...

Paul Woseens musical influences include: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Clash, Elvis Costello, U.K Squeeze, Bob Dylan, AC/DC and Supertramp.

Paul met Dave Gleeson and Grant Walmsley and formed a band in the 1980's called Aspect formerly Sudden Impact which included Brad Heaney. He played bass in The Embers with Terry Caban, John McIvor, Nick Raschke, Mick Williams and Bruce Gain. Steve Grieve and The Mourners included Paul Woseen on bass.

In early 1989 the Screaming Jets (The Jets) pub rock band was formed with Dave Gleeson, Paul Wooseen, Brad Heaney 1989-1993, Grant Walmsley and Richard Lara 1989-1993. Craig Rosevear 1993-2000 replaced Brad Heaney on Drums, Jimi 'The Human' Hocking 1993-1997 replaced Richard Lara on Guitar, Izzy Osmanovich 1997 replaced Hocking in 1997, Col Hatchman 2001-2005 replaced Craig Rosevear on drums and Mickl Sayers 2006 replaced Col Hatchman on drums.

The Jets were influenced by Australian bands such as AC/DC, The Angels and Rose Tattoo. In 1989 the Screaming Jets won the Triple J national Battle of the Bands, they did a national tour Supporting The Angels, in the early 1990’s they relocated to Sydney, by the middle of the 1990’s the Screaming Jets signed a recording contract with INXS manager Chris Murphy of Roo Art (Polygram).

Screaming Jets entire release history includes: five platinum and five gold albums and three platinum and three gold singles. They have sold more than half a million records, and delivered 2000-plus concerts. In 1994 Screaming Jets song Helping Hand written by Paul Woseen, Grant Walmsley, David Gleeson, Richard Lara and Bradley Heaney received Apra Music Awards Nominations.

Paul Woseen, founding Bass player and songwriter with the band Screaming Jets said 'Touring is what we love, the constant travel and the knowledge that every night on tour is a new beginning, challenges you to put on a better show than the last one.'

1996 Paul Woseen produced the 11 track debut album for Newcastle band Hound titled Because He Can. The album was engineered by Tim Powles. Paul Woseen was a guest in The Porkers (formerly The Pork Hunts: Pete Cooper, Phil Barnard, Richard 'Pucko' Puxty, Tomi Kefecek and Donny Anarchini. Rodney Palmer, David Kelly, Robert Tickle, Tony Collins, James Davis, Kim Pink, Ian Dunn, Lloyd Davies, John McIvor, Shane Simmonds, Chris Masuak, Chris Fegan, Pedro Peter, Dave Power, Martin McLaughlin, Wayne, Nicola, Ben Holland, Rob Parkes Jnr, Fred Feletti and Tara Doyle.

Song writing credits include: Dream On, Got It, Helping Hand, Here I Go, Needle, Night Child, No Point, Shine On, Sick and Tired, Think, Sister Tease and Strength with many others...

Paul Woseen along with comedian Andrew Denton, Triple J's Barb Heggen and Michael Tunn were involved with the launch of Ymag-Youth Mental Health magazine.

In January 2005 West Australian artist Ben Chase released his debut album. The Benjamin Project began in late 2002 and included Ben Chase composer/producer performing on piano, keyboards, samplers, bass and electric guitars, Paul Woseen bass/guitarist and song writer, Malcolm Mackintosh guitarist /song writer and Mathew Branton on bass. The album was co-produced with Paul Woseen and Malcolm Mackintosh. Paul played in the duo Cranky Perth Western Australia.

Paul Woseen played on the Tonchi debut album Bridges which was recorded in Warnambool Victoria Australia, produced by Shane Howard, engineered by Michael Letho and included musicians: David Arden (Archie Roach) and guitarist Mark Wenitong.

Paul Woseen toured with Dave Gleeson, Rockin’ Rob Riley and Steve 'Mac' McLennan in the band Tug in 2007.

In June 2007 Paul toured the Solomon Islands with the Screaming Jets for a three day tour performing for the men and women of the AFP & the ADF.

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